My Quest: How to live an enchanted life inspired by books

Cecilia North vs Reality. My name is Cecilia North and I am a witch, living inside an ancient oak tree, where I spend my time conjuring enchanted worlds and beasts from my ancient scrolls.  Or not. Reality is a bitch and I am her slave. At least right now. But I plan to change that. I plan to fight back, to rise up and sword fight reality to the best of my capabilities. I want a fantastical life. I want magic and enchantment and like any good protagonist I know it is up to me. So, this is my quest. This is where it begins. Come join me, won’t you?

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Current project: INTO THE BEAST

A world of norse shapehifters

My currrent work in progress is a novel of murder, shifters and norse myth set in modern day, peppered with a murder mystery. Are you ready to crawl into the beast?

 Coming 2021

Out on a journey-08

Hello, internet adventurer

I am Cecilia, writer, painter and content creator of fantasy and historical tales. 

Take a browse through my digital art gallery or read some of the samples of my stories or see the blog to find inspiration for a life with a little more magic in it.

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